Why B2B Marketing is More Difficult Than B2C

It's not enough to just understand a product and be able to present it in a coherent way. B2B selling usually involves diagnosing customer challenges and then finding a customized solution that may very well involve a long-term business partnership. Many companies are expanding from B2C sales to marketing and B2B sales due to growing market share and strong sales opportunities (B2B is growing twice as fast as B2C). Unfortunately, many organizations try to sell to B2B companies using a B2C approach without understanding why B2B is more difficult to manage.

The B2B sales process is often lengthy. Buyers can research products for months before making a purchase decision. Sales cycles typically last from 1 month to a year or more. Many buyers represent purchasing committees or multiple company stakeholders involved in the purchase decision.

Once a supplier has been selected, it is difficult to steal from customers, due to the cost of the change. There are many reasons why B2B is more challenging than B2C. The important thing to understand is how it differs and what needs to be done to do it successfully. The biggest challenge facing b2b marketers is creating content that truly drives sales.

Unfortunately, most marketers here make a mistake; instead of thinking about customers, they think about content. Worst of all, some marketers only think about pleasing their bosses. The Content Marketing Institution conducted numerous surveys during the pandemic to analyze the content marketing landscape. Therefore, if you want your B2B content to appear at the top of search results, you need high-quality content.

Snap excels at helping B2B brands overcome a wide range of marketing obstacles (including challenges you haven't thought about yet). Here's a visual difference between B2B and B2C content marketing strategies for better understanding. Every research agency has a methodology they want to sell, but here are five that marketers should dedicate to the scrap heap. When you market a product that, frankly, is more difficult to sell, you can't rely on cheap tricks (see one-off or standard formulas).

As I teach my marketing courses at the local university, I often hear myself differentiate between the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) brand worlds. Transforming the perception of marketing into a B2B brand “is not for the faint hearted,” says Anouschka Elliott of UBS Asset Management, but an unwavering faith in the value of marketing makes a big difference. The most critical factor in the differences between B2B and B2C is that B2B companies target a narrower range of potential customers. This is a great way to keep your users engaged, but it's not a good content marketing strategy to generate leads or sales.

From conversion rate optimization to an excellent content marketing strategy, we'll prepare you with the digital tactics and tools you need to drive lead generation and drive sales. By starting with the purpose of their brand and working from that foundation, marketers can do more with less. A given B2B company could target distributors, certain industries, or other verticals, such as real estate companies, medical marketers, or the hospitality industry.

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