The Best B2B Examples for Inspiration

Manufacturing materials, clothing, automotive parts, and semiconductors are all B2B examples. These materials are part of transactions between two companies. Here, the commercial transaction will be played between two or more customers. A good example of C2C is classified ads where the customer sells products or services to other customers online. In a nutshell, a company will sell products or services to other companies.

It'll sound like B2C, but B2B is different from the B2C process. In the B2B business, the ordering and purchasing process must be clear. A company has to buy all the small things from another company to complete its full business setup. Typically, this field includes selling products that customers don't use.

For example, steel, company software, company hardware accessories, etc. Let's move on to B2B e-commerce examples. The following companies are considered to be some of the best B2B examples for inspiration. Get to know the different businesses and come up with an idea to start your e-commerce company.


Like Alibaba, Amazon is a memorable brand among people from multiple countries. In addition to B2C e-commerce, Amazon plays an important role in B2B e-commerce businesses, such as on behalf of Amazon Business.

Amazon's success is because it provides a better user experience and full customer service with winning actions. Amazon becomes the B2B model for new entrepreneurs.


By launching a small website for small Chinese manufacturers, exporters for international sales, Alibaba has become a leading e-commerce and mobile commerce industry globally. Alibaba is always an enduring example for the B2B e-commerce business, as it faces many ups and downs before reaching a standard position in these B2B businesses.

General Electric (GE)

Founded in 1982 by a group of founders named Thomas Edison, J P Morgan, Charles A. Coffin, Edwin J Houston and Elihu Thomson General Electric or GE is also a famous B2B e-commerce company in New York with headquarters in Boston, USA.

Popular for an electrical and electronic equipment supplier, this GE is also a good example of B2B business alongside Alibaba.

IndiaMart InterMesh Ltd

IndiaMart InterMesh Ltd is one of the leading B2B e-commerce companies in Noida, India. Working with the mission of “making business easier”, IndiaMart connects buyers and sellers with its high-quality B2B products, such as apparel, industrial machinery, electronics & etc. The company will export and import quality vehicles to 90 countries around the world. They are the leading dealer of Ford, Chevrolet, Lincoln, GMC on three major continents such as America, Europe and Asia.

Since the sales team is the bridge between this company and its target customers, this company has a team that will communicate in 20 different languages; this is also an advantage to gain traffic from around the world and understand your customers easily.


eWorldTrade is one of the largest B2B companies in the U. S. Department of State named after Electronic Market. It has manufacturers, customers and suppliers around the world with quality services.

As an ISO certified company, eWorldTrade values customer satisfaction. The products are minerals, machinery, plastics appliances etc. They aim to encourage their traders to manage free trade without limitations and they also aim to increase the GDP of each trader's country. This goal will help your team achieve step-by-step success in this B2B business.


Quill is a B2B e-commerce company with office products.

By targeting the right customers Quill delivers office supply products to small and medium businesses. Products include paper ink toner furniture break room supplies etc. As a traditional B2B company Grainger plays an important role in today's B2B e-commerce industry.

Walmart India

Walmart India relies on the B2B process as it sells its products only to merchants. In the U.

In the US Walmart is one of the multinational retail corporations that governs this e-commerce industry. The Walmart branch in U. UU. and UK is completely based on the B2C process.

Curbell Plastics

Curbell is a company with subsidiaries of Curbell plastics and Curbell medical products.

As the name implies Curbell Plastics is a B2B company in New York that offers plastic products to its target customers. The site is also accessed on mobile devices without problems. By offering products based on understanding user's needs Curbell plastics are playing a popular role in the B2B field.


In U. In the US Mckesson is a pharmaceutical based B2B company offering medical products to retailers and merchants.

V-Belt Guys

V-Belt Guys is a B2B company in South Dakota USA Department of State which offers product with different applications.

In general niche based companies will reach customer quickly as they focus on one field.


Ferguson is one of largest B2B companies offering plumbing and construction products to its customers Headquartered in Virginia USA Ferguson believes in content marketing Therefore company provides clear information about its business to its buyers such as product description useful images etc. This content creation along with quality plumbing products helps Ferguson become part of famous list of B2B companies.

Fire Rock

Located in Alabama USA Fire Rock is also one of famous B2B companies that provide home building materials to its customers With high quality materials such...

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