Is b2b marketing boring?

B2B doesn't mean boring to boring or building to building. Technically it's business-to-business, but those companies are still made up of people. And people like to deal with other people. People have personalities and nuances, and so does your business.

A recent WHM survey looked at the B2B advertising market. He concluded that decision makers are bored. They want creative and engaging ads as part of their buying process. While consumer-side advertising takes the bulk of marketing budgets, B2B marketing remains a lucrative segment of the industry for those who specialize in it.

For far too long, experts have labeled b2b marketers as boring. My favorite tip to avoid this is to “think of a green, two-headed Labrador with a scarf and a surfer. There are 196,000 search results on “boring B2B marketing” and 24,800 results on the exact term “boring to boring”. Callproofjosh mentioned that using things like this works well as a complementary sales tool rather than as the first line of customer marketing, and encouraging leads you already have rather than trying to acquire new ones, which I also tend to agree with.

What's even more worrying is that the marketers who create these things already know it's boring, but they still have to sit down and create these boring campaigns that bore their boring audience. It's easier for B2C marketers to be creative because individual consumers don't have that extra component. There's definitely a place for out-of-the-box marketing in B2B, but you have to find the confirmation bias you want to expose. First of all, we become marketers to come up with interesting ideas, but B2B marketing is shackling creatives with these stunning ideas of what marketing should be.

Impactful creative work is possible on any budget, and with the proliferation of platforms and new ways to create connections with customers, marketers have many ways to use creativity to attract key audiences, and every reason to feel confident about taking creative risks. For the more than 30 million small businesses in the U.S. In the US that receive B2B ads, receiving boring and uninspiring marketing content is just as problematic as big companies. We now have time to research and expand on the hottest topics, and position ourselves at the forefront of marketing innovation.

Leave the tough terrain to B2B marketers who have the skills, strength, and creativity that make this look easy. Make sure you know when the tips you receive are focused on digital marketing and at the top of the funnel, and when that advice is disconnected from the entire marketing funnel you need to drive. Azadeh Williams is the founder and managing partner of the global B2B media and marketing agency AZK Media. Typically, a marketing leader would have to hire a video agency, a PR agency, a copywriter, and a digital agency to do all of this, which becomes a logistical nightmare.

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